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Minister drops bombshell

Sports Minister Faizer Mustapha
Sports Minister Faizer Mustapha

Sports Minister Faizer Mustapha branded national sports bodies in Sri Lanka as places that house Montessori kids not able to shoulder professional responsibility to develop sports in the future.

“National sports associations are like kids in a Montessori. They blame one another every day and are not concerned on developing their respective sports”, said Minister Mushtapha.

He did not name any particular sports association.

“Some of the sports associations in Sri Lanka have two groups with their interests and are not concerned about sports. They visit my ministry everyday to complain against one another”.

He said the attitude must change or the worse may be expected.

“Everyone has to be transparent in their financial activities”, he further said.

“My question is how many sports associations have submitted their financial reports and I will have to tell them straight to their faces, that’s my policy”.

“Even the auditor general has said there is no transparency in several sports associations and they should be more responsible. This is why I say they (sports administrators) are behaving like Montessori children”.

The auditor general recently declared that several sports associations were corrupt in their financial management while accusing them of being on par with any form of governmental-type corruption.


Minister Mustapha, There is much truth to your observations. Very few understand democratic operation an organization using the Robert's Rules of Order - Parliamentary procedure. I will recommend that all members of the Executive Committee should take a course in the fundamentals of the ByLaws of an organization and pass before they assume office. May I also recommend that sports organizations that do not have a fundtioning District Association in at least 2/3rds of the 25 Districts should not be given registration with the Sports Ministry and membership in the NOC. Most of the National Sports Organizations are Colombo based.