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Who are sweethearts W

Grey’s Anatomy stars

Few shows have lasted as long as Grey’s Anatomy has. The series just wrapped its 14th season on ABC and was renewed for a 15th. It has become a television staple and inspired a whole night of programming on the network. Thanks to Grey’s, Shonda Rhimes has created her own empire and fans are obsessed.

Since the show premiered in 2005, Grey’s has introduced fans to countless medical terms and truly taught the meaning of bad luck. The employees of Seattle Grace Hospital, now Grey Sloan Memorial, have endured deranged shooters, bombs and several transportation accidents (there’s been a plane crash, a train crash, a ferry crash and more).

Each one is more devastating than the last, especially when it claims the life of a major character. It’s hard not to fall in love with the characters of Grey’s Anatomy; each one is different, but more often than not, brings incredible insights. But, it’d be impossible to get attached to these characters if the actors that played them weren’t so great.

Grey’s has attracted some seriously high calibre actors during its long run. On screen, their performances are incredible. But off screen, some of them aren’t always the best. This list will countdown some of the truly wonderful personalities on the show, but may shatter some illusions on others.