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Mackly Mother’s Day

What do all moms need on Mothers’ Day, and every day? Sleep! Motherhood is accompanied by all sorts of challenges, and getting a good night’s rest is probably at the top of that list.

Even if the kid is a good sleeper, or they’ve got a good sleep routine, after a hard day’s work for working moms or stay-at-home moms, turning off the lights, and trying to get some sleep, is a battle.

As the clock ticks, everyday life takes over thoughts and keeps already sleep-deprived mothers awake wondering about that elusive sleep. For this reason, keeping tracking of a healthy sleep schedule is a nightmare for busy moms.

Mackly grew to life understanding the need to be comfortable when sleeping at night.

Conceptualised by a mom, who understands the subject all too well, Mackly boasts the most creative range of pyjamas in the most comfortable cotton, and fun prints. Mackly aims to make sleep a possibility for moms and kids.

This year, to celebrate hardworking moms and motherhood through a social media contest on the Mackly pages, a group of moms were given the opportunity to be treated to a Mother’s Day Yoga session to help them discover and get a better night’s sleep.