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Father’s Day tribute to the ‘best man’ in our lives


Who are the two people closest to you ? There can be only one answer. Mother and Father. They have given life to you and they will do everything to give you a good education and make you a good citizen. Together, they want to ensure that you grow up strong, healthy and well educated. Mother’s Day, a day dedicated to mothers everywhere, was celebrated last month. Your next question is “is there a day dedicated to fathers too?”. Yes, there is. This year, it falls today (June 17). This is the day where you can show your father just how much you love him.

While many poems and books have been written about a mother’s love, the fathers do not get that much of attention. But you already know how much your father loves you and your sisters and brothers. It is not second to your mother’s love at all.

Today, you can show how much you mean to him. Try to surprise him with a little gift that signifies your love – it does not have to be costly or even brought from a shop. How about a drawing of your father done by you, perhaps with a little help from mother? Why not make a simple dish that he likes to eat, together with your brothers and sisters and mum ? And why not tell mum to take him and all of you to the town for a little bit of fun ? Your father will love you for these little gestures that go a long way.

Remember, you are very lucky to have a father like him. Do you know that millions of children around the world, including here in Sri Lanka, do not have a father because either they have died in war, accidents or natural disasters ? Some of them have lost their mothers too. Spare a thought for them as you celebrate Father’s Day. Perhaps you can ask your father to take you to an orphaned children’s home to spread a little love and happiness.

If your father and mother are both working, they may be leading very busy lives and may not have the time to be always with you. Perhaps you too attend classes and come home late in the evenings, leaving very little time for a chat with the parents. So try to make the best of it.

Tell mother and father to set more time aside for you if possible. Perhaps you can all get away on a weekend and enjoy some time together. Do not be scared to confide in your mother and father if you face any problems in school and at home.

Father’s Day, which was started in the United States, is celebrated all over the world and is an official holiday in some countries. Here in Sri Lanka, we are much closer to our parents than children in many other countries, so every day is like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day for us. But once a year, Father’s Day highlights the love and care of the best man in our lives – Father. So it is worthy of celebrating, with a hearty dose of love, fun and laughter.