Johann summits Mt. Everest | Sunday Observer

Johann summits Mt. Everest

Johann Peiris became the second Sri Lankan to summit the world’s tallest mountain, reaching the peak of Mount Everest at 5.40 a.m. (SL time) on May 22, 2018. After a long period of training and preparation, he completed the climb that took approximately two months. Peiris was welcomed by his team, family, friends and well-wishers as he shared his courageous and inspiring story. Johann was part of the expedition that helped Jayanthi Kuru Uthumpala become the first Sri Lankan to summit Mount Everest back in 2016 but was unable to reach the Summit as his oxygen tank malfunctioned and had to turn back at an agonizing 440m short of the peak. Despite the heartbreak, Johann was determined to finish what he started and not settle for a close enough finish as he got back to training for the cause throughout last year. He announced his attempt early this year with a campaign named ‘Climb Everest With Johann’ where the public could be a part of his journey by purchasing one of the steps he would take on the mountain for a mere Rs.100.