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International football back in Sri Lanka

The Football Federation of Sri Lanka is launching a series of international matches from July as part of their long term strategy to bring back international games on home soil.

According to Jaswar Umar, General Secretary of FFSL, they have now established a commercial department directly under the supervision of him with the support of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

The new department has now finalized its long term strategy that looks very inviting than ever before and the international match campaign begins on a colourful note with two games featuring a European team Lithuania on July 8 and 11 at the Race Course ground.

The FFSL has very professionally planned these games to mix both international commitments and recreate interest in football as a strong brand for commercial exploitation.

Fans and other stakeholders will feel a very different experience and engagements before match day and after match day.

The AFC president is driving his ambitious vision of One Asia, One Goal by supporting countries that require extra support from them. They have already approved several special projects such as Mini-Pitch, President’s Development Initiatives Projects and Capacity Building projects for Sri Lanka.

The AFC has conveyed its supports for future international tournaments to uplift the Sri Lanka football.

Most followers in Sri Lanka have been put off by the national team’s slump in world rankings and the absence of international matches have made it worse for the island.

“We have an artificial turf funded by FIFA that will be used for Sri Lanka’s team preparations for international games.

“Complying with international standards, this turf provides an opportunity to train national teams for any weather condition”, said Umar.

“This is part of our football vision 2030 and there are many similar development programmes scheduled to take place in the near future for the development of our country’s football right throughout the island” added Umar.