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Musaeus and Gateway play for Marie Museaus-Rohini Alles trophy

Marie Musaeus Higgins-Rohini Alles
Marie Musaeus Higgins-Rohini Alles

Musaeus College and Gateway College are set to take the netball court by storm as they join hands to inaugurate an annual encounter, with the aim of making netball a spectator sport on June 30 at the Royal College Sports Complex.

Students from one of Sri Lanka’s oldest schools will pit their skills against those from a premier International School in an atmosphere of healthy rivalry and camaraderie.

The two schools will vie for the Marie Musaeus-Rohini Alles Trophy named after the founders of the two schools.

Marie Musaeus Higgins, a German educationist, is best known as the founder and principal of Musaeus College. She authored several publications based on Buddhist and Sinhala cultural themes, including Poya Days in 1924.

She is recognised as an important figure in Buddhist revival in Sri Lanka and a pioneer in female education in the country.

Rohini Alles is a former teacher of Royal College, Colombo and the founder Deputy Principal of President’s College.

She played a decisive role in the establishment of Gateway, especially in instituting the Primary School having been a strength to the founder R.I.T. Alles during the formative years of the organization.

The main focus of the encounter will be the Under-20 encounter between the two schools.

An exhibition match will be played between Visakha and Gateway College Kandy. Due attention will be paid to upcoming talent by incorporating an Under-15 match at the start of the event.