‘Welenda.com will expand horizons for local businessmen’ | Sunday Observer

‘Welenda.com will expand horizons for local businessmen’

At the launch of Welenda.com  Pic: Saman Mendis
At the launch of Welenda.com Pic: Saman Mendis

Welenda.com, a website to connect Sri Lanka with the global market place, was launched recently. The website is also expected to bring in international products to the country.

“We did not want to launch just another website, but a well-thought and designed website to suit the changing needs of local consumers. We hand pick the products to enhance the day-to-day life of the consumer.

Sri Lankan vendors could sign-up with us and they could introduce their products through our website,” Welenda.com, CEO/Co-Founder Chamli Tennakoon said.

“It is true that online shopping is gaining momentum in the Sri Lankan market. But we saw a vacuum in the online shopping landscape in Sri Lanka as it did not offer a window of opportunity for local businesses to enter the international market. That’s where Welenda.com, come into play,” he said.

“Sri Lanka, we believe, has a lot to offer to the international market. At the same time, Sri Lanka is ready to conquer the global market, despite its size. Some Sri Lankan brands have already transcended our boundaries and become key global brands. We simply want to expand the horizons for Sri Lankan businesses,” Tennakoon said.

The most significant feature of the technology behind the site is the high security it provides. We are responsible for any kind of product loss or transaction loss. We aimed at building consumer confidence level through this site and also deliver better product range, he said.

Welenda.com will be functional from June 30 and Tennakoon said he has already drawn plans to further expand its services during the phase II development stage.