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National Business Excellence Awards 2018 launched

Sujeiva Samaraweera     Pic: Chaminda Niroshana
Sujeiva Samaraweera Pic: Chaminda Niroshana

The launch of the National Business Excellence Awards 2018, celebrating its 15th year, was held in Colombo recently.

The National Business Excellence Awards has attracted interest as one of the most popular and demanding awards competitions within the business community, owing to its transparency of the evaluation process, backed up a professional team of judges and technical team, President National Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka (NCCSL), Sujeiva Samaraweera said.

“This awards competition was pioneered by the National Chamber of Commerce at a time, when there were no recognisable awards competitions in the country.

Over the years, the National Business excellence Awards has maintained its high standard at the top and today has become one of the most prestigious and recognised award schemes in the country, with professionalism and integrity being the hallmark,” he said. The chamber’s intention is to guide organisations to attain the levels of excellence and to enhance the standards in all Sri Lankan enterprises that are appropriate with global companies. The Chamber’s objective of conducting this competition is that the winners will become a source of inspiration and encouragement as role models to other companies to emulate, Samaraweera said.

National Business Excellence Awards, one of the pioneering Awards Competitions started as way back as 2004, by the National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka, over the years, has maintained its high standard at the top and gained much recognition and prestige among the business community as a well structured Awards Scheme and has become today, the symbol of ‘Excellence’ for the ‘best of the best’ businesses in Sri Lanka.

Many corporate establishments are eager to compete in this now very popular Business Excellence Awards Competition with its new evaluation model scheme and criteria, a spokesman for the Chamber said.

The Chamber has improved the excellence model and the criteria of evaluation of the competitor, on a newly structured Evaluation model of 7 criteria, namely - Excellence in Leadership, Excellence in Corporate Governance, Excellence in Capacity Building, Excellence in Performance Management, Excellence in Local and Global Market Reach, Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability and Excellence in Business and Financial Results.

The quantity and quality of applications has been increasing over the years. The competition is comprised of categories - Extra large, Large, Medium, Small and Micro – and diversified industry sectors. .It comprises of 26 business sectors enabling various sectors to win awards on criteria, sector, and category wise.

Ninety-two awards will be presented to the winners this year, including for Overall Excellence and Gold, Silver and Bronze. The evaluations will be carried out initially by a technical panel with a desk review, series of interviews by an expert panel of judges and finally select the best corporate companies as award winners.

The award ceremony will be held on December 5, at the Colombo Hilton Hotel.