An eventful day | Sunday Observer

An eventful day

As I walk by the sky so blue
it does seem to have so much hue
As I walk on the grass so green
I stop to quench my thirst near a stream
As I look up at the sky
I see the clouds moving by and by
As I smell the sweet scent of flowers
I see some tall, tall towers
As I go on driving my car
In the sky, no, not a star!
As I stood eating a passion fruit
I accidently dropped it on my foot
As I see some bees in a hive
I accelerate and away I drive
As now I tiptoe into my house
I stay very quiet just like a mouse
I pull on my pyjamas, blue and red
And happily I jump into my bed.

Aanya Ganemulla,
Grade 9,
Holy Family Convent,