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Two plays for Janakaraliya 16th Anniversary

The Janakaraliya drama duo ‘Thittha Kahata’ and ‘Hiru Nagena Thuru’ which premiered at ‘Namel Malini Punchi Theatre’ will be performed at the Lionel Wendt on July 14 and 15 to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the first Janakaraliya performance.

Founded by Parakrama Niriella and the late H. A. Perera, Janakaraliya has been continuously working for the development of Sri Lankan theatre arts and an inclusive culture through social integration. During this period the multi ethnic drama group of Janakaraliya has produced and performed 12 long dramas and 26 short dramas, in both, Sinhala and Tamil languages across the country.

The Janakaraliya mobile theatre has been transported and installed in 22 different locations throughout the country and conducted 14 day drama festivals. Janakaraliya has also performed dramas and conducted theatre arts workshops continuously for school communities during the past 16 years and is an associated member of the Theatre for Social Change Network, an affiliated organization of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, (UNESCO).

Janakaraliya works as the secretariat of that organization and is entrusted with the responsibility of organizing an international conference of Theatre for Social Change Network in Sri Lanka in 2019.

The dramas ‘Thittha Kahata’ and ‘Hiru Nagena Thuru’ are based on two hitherto untold concepts in the field of Sinhala Theatre Arts. These two concepts are either forgotten or unknown by Sri Lankan society.

Both ‘Thitta Kahata’ and ‘Hiru Nagena Thuru’ are created by the Janakaraliya Drama Group under the leadership of Parakrama Niriella.