‘LG InstaView refrigerators prevents cold air loss and saves energy’ | Sunday Observer

‘LG InstaView refrigerators prevents cold air loss and saves energy’

One of the most common issues that consumers face with a refrigerator is cold air loss. Research has found that individuals open their refrigerator door on an average of 79 times daily. Thus, cold air wastage and, ultimately, decreased electricity-savings remain an inevitable aspect of our refrigerator experience. To resolve this concern, LG has designed a lineup of InstaView Refrigerators that prevent the escape of cold air and conserve energy by incorporating a knock-on glass panel.

Presenting a synergy between design and functionality, the LG InstaView Door-in-Door function comprises of a sleek 33-inch glass panel that illuminates the interior when knocked on twice. This enables the consumer to view the items inside the refrigerator without having to ever open the door. Plus, the Door-in-Door compartment provides easily accessible storage for frequently used groceries or beverages, offering flexibility and convenience. Both factors work together in cohesion to reduce cold air loss up to 41%, resulting in more energy being saved.

Another feature included in these refrigerators is the Inverter Linear Compressor which reduces the temperature fluctuations within the refrigerator to keep food fresh for up to 7 days. Plus, the compressor lowers the refrigerator’s energy output up to 42%, cutting down the costs of electricity bills.

The progressive Hygiene Fresh+ filter system combines both to deliver a refrigerator that keeps food fresh and crisp. Hygiene Fresh+ focuses on wicking away moisture and odours emitted by vegetables, fruits, proteins and cooked food as well as cleansing the air within the refrigerator of foreign impurities.

Additionally, the technology eliminates 99.9% of four different types of bacteria and mold, which safeguards against quick food spoilage.

The innovative LG InstaView Refrigerator range is available for purchase at all Abans and Abans Elite Showrooms island wide.