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Bakamuna pops-up at Hilton

Bakamuna products on a bullock cart
Bakamuna products on a bullock cart

Bakamuna, a mixed media lifestyle design brand, enabled by MTI’s idea2fund has successfully completed a nine day run of their Pop-up at The Hilton Hotel, Colombo.

The brand’s first ever Pop-up, a re-purposed bullock cart that carried a range of lifestyle products such as homeware, stationery and accessories was stationed at the Hilton Colombo from June 23 to July 1.

The traditional mode of transportation was given a modern vibe with the use of contemporary design elements and was used to showcase a range of products that had been created through mixed media design. The overall footfall generated by the Pop-up was noticeably greater each day and it proved to be a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. This store concept enables Bakamuna to easily take their mobile shopping experience to different locations.

“Bakamuna had the opportunity to interact with our local and international community on a more personal level and we were so happy to be able connect with all those who came by. By being a part of the Bakamuna experience, they were able to gain a better understanding of the inspiration behind our designs,” said Chief Bakamuna/CEO Rochelle Bibile.

“We greatly appreciate The Hilton Colombo for giving us a platform to launch our first ever Pop-up and we hope to set up at many other locations around the island, spreading our quirky vibe and showcasing our visual stories wherever we go,” she said.

MTI Venture Manager for Bakamuna, Malithi Herath said, “Having launched early last year, we are immensely happy with the speed at which Bakamuna has been growing.