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Ninewells Hospital relaunches corporate identity

Ninewells Hospital top brass at the media briefing Pic: Chaminda Niroshana
Ninewells Hospital top brass at the media briefing Pic: Chaminda Niroshana

Ninewells Hospital, which specialises in mother and baby care facilities, re-launched its corporate identity with renewed focus, expanding its emphasis to the entirety of woman and childcare last week.

“Ninewells is known for providing quality maternity care and we will continue to retain this as our core business. However, we do believe that our purpose as a responsible healthcare entity is to continue adding value to the people who matter most to us – our women and our children, Medical Director of Ninewells Hospital, Dr. Vibash Wijeratne said.

“The health barometer of a nation is assessed on the health of its women and children and given Sri Lanka’s admirable Human Development Index markers, as a specialized hospital dealing with women and children, we have a very proactive role to play,” he said.

Another milestone for the Hospital was the launch of its new personalised app. Through its user friendly interactive characteristics, the app enables expectant parents and new mothers to seek answers to a plethora of questions that may emerge, giving them confidence that help is always a touch away.

As Group Director Dr Thiasha Fernando reiterated, “It is these value additions that we believe will ensure that sustainable care is always at hand for our mothers and children. Our ethos is built on good quality standardised healthcare for women and children, and we strive to be the best at what we do.

“While our state-of-the-art technology and facilities add to our positives, our team remains one of the best in the country primarily because family for us is important – and we work together as a family which in turn ensures that the families who come to us are well cared for. Ethics, principles and integrity add to our unique formula of innovative treatment options,” Dr. Fernando said. Market research has gauged that Ninewells is valued by women in Sri Lanka, which is another reason for the Hospital to extend and expand its focus to support women much more completely, throughout their entire life cycle. It is this life cycle hence that is depicted in the newly unveiled corporate logo – a circle of life depicting the crucial role a woman plays in the continuance of life on planet earth, he said.

Accredited as the Best Private Sector Hospital by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the Ninewells’ renaissance is constructed on building a lifetime of care for the woman and child, making sustainable healthcare the cornerstone of its renewed corporate objectives, a company spokesman said.