Zahira old boys Group of 2009 take major honours | Sunday Observer

Zahira old boys Group of 2009 take major honours

The Zahira College Colombo Old Boys Assassination organized its annual Sports Day at the College ground recently. A large number of old boys groups took part in various sports activities such as cricket, soccer, rugby, hockey, swimming and other contests.

The Group of 2009 old boys received the Youth Overall Champions award while the Group of 2002 old boys received the Masters Overall Champions award and the Group of 80 old boys won the Grand Masters Overall Champions award.

The Group of 2002 also received the Overall Champions award in this sporting extravaganza.

The Chief Guest was distinguish old boy and Colombo Picture Palace Chairman M.H.M. Dahlan, and guest of honour Tony Amith.

Principal of the College Trizviy Marikkar and OBA president M.U.M. Azmi presented the awards that included medals and trophies to the winners.