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St. Clare’s

First Prize

Among the books I’ve read Enid Blyton’s The Twins at St. Clare’s is one of the most spectacular. It was first published in England by Methuen in 1941. It is a very impressive book. The St. Clare’s series contains books titled The Second Form at St. Clare’s , Claudine at St. Clare’s and Kitty at St. Clare’s.

The Twins at St. Clare’s is the first book in the series, and it tells us about the twins Patricia and Isabel who are exactly alike. They spend their school years in a girls’ boarding school called St. Clare’s. At first they don’t like to go to boarding school at all but at the end they don’t like to leave it. They make friends with Kathleen, Sheila and Janet. Although these girls are kind hearted and generous, they sometimes do mischievous things such as playing tricks on mistresses, giving them nick names and having midnight feasts. But the mistresses all like them no matter what they do. I like this book because it teaches good lessons to young readers like us. This story is thrilling, impressive and wonderful and will make you want to read it again and again.


Ravini Umedha Perera,

Grade 8,

Ashoka College,