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The Tempest

Shakespeare’s play The Tempest is set in an island in the Mediterranean Sea during the early seventeenth century. The plot revolves around the usurpation of the throne from its rightful Duke of Milan, Prospero by his jealous brother Antonio in Italy. The play begins in media res, in the midst of events, during a storm which is conjured up by Prospero who is a powerful magician in order to take revenge on his brother Antonio for his treachery.

Shakespeare explores the themes of the supernatural, magic and the power of knowledge in the play. It is Prospero’s knowledge of magic which enables him to overcome his enemies and re-gain his position as the rightful Duke of Milan. Shakespeare’s theme of jealousy among brothers resonates with the story of Cain and Abel in the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Shakespeare’s themes are universal and relevant even in the twenty first century, and the play teaches a lesson that your so-called ‘kith and kin’ or relatives can be treacherous and your worst enemies.