GMOA to protest against FTA with Singapore on Aug. 3 | Sunday Observer

GMOA to protest against FTA with Singapore on Aug. 3

Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) said it will take part in a strike action on August 3 in protest of the Sri Lanka-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. Speaking to the Sunday Observer, President of the GMOA Dr Anuruddha Padeniya said the country needs a National Trade Policy prior to signing such an FTA with another country.

Dr Padeniya claims the country has been betrayed by the signing of the FTA without a National Trade Policy. “We informed the President and other relevant parties as well regarding this need,” he said adding that however, it was to no avail. According to him, therefore, the GMOA has decided to embark on a strike action to voice their dissent.

Commenting on the decision taken by the GMOA, President of the Government Nursing Officers Association (GNOA) Saman Rathnapriya said professionals such as doctors are assuming they will be disadvantaged through the influx of human resources to the country through the FTA. However, it is not acceptable he said. “The FTA does not allow a free flow of Human resources,” he said adding that if any issues persist they should be discussed with the government. “Without taking such a step it brings into question how fair such continuous strike actions are” he questioned adding that the GMOA should consider the people of this country and the patients before taking such a step.