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Reaching Back for Redemption

5 August, 2018

Seldom does life offer second chances to redeem yourself from mistakes that appear to be irreversible. Forever My Girl written and directed by Bethany Ashton Wolf is a romantic drama that reaches deep into the idea that second chances may be possible to regain all that was lost and more, by reconciling with the past.

Based on the novel by Heidi McLaughlin this heart warming romantic drama shows how a young country musician named Liam Paige played by Alex Roe, sets out to win back his high school sweetheart whom he let down by leaving her at the altar eight years before, on what was to be their wedding day. Liam’s former fiancée Josie played by Jessica Rothe, is not bitter and vindictive with venom harboured in her, but proves to be carrying a sense of true love for Liam although she is cautious about the prospects when Liam comes running back into their lives quite haphazardly. And, added to the complications is the daughter that Josie had by Liam without him ever knowing, as it turned out she had discovered she was pregnant shortly after she was abandoned by Liam. A fissured relationship with a widower father who happens to be the town’s pastor, a ‘local scoundrel’ image held by the townsfolk and being severed from the life of music superstar conveniences he had been dependent on, add to the brew of issues to be worked out. It becomes for Liam a scenario of reinventing himself to get back to his roots and put things right.

The story unfolds in the homely town of Saint Augustine in Louisiana where everybody knows everybody and the sense of family and fraternal warmth is all pervasive. The film speaks about themes such as, repentance, redemption, second chances in life, mending relationships and discovering new possibilities in life.

Through Liam the story shows how deep seated emotional issues create fear for commitment in relationships. There is also the aspect of how forgiveness and faith can play a pivotal role in conciliation between individuals and communities.

Although not a film that can be said to have exceptional acting talents the story comes alive with a narrative that is beguiling. The heartstrings touched by the storyline create a very strong impression along with the cinematic effect of emotion and romantic sensibilities captured by the art of moving images.

Forever My Girl is the sort of film which you know cannot have anything but a happy ending and to that end there is a promise made to the viewer that there is heartache that will eventually be healed. It is the journey of getting there that makes the story what it is.

A romantic drama for all seasons.