The British Council celebrates World Chocolate Day | Sunday Observer

The British Council celebrates World Chocolate Day

Thousands of people across the world celebrated World Chocolate Day on 7th July. In celebration of this special day for the first time, the British Council library at Orion City collaborated with Coffee Bean to make 'Bake with our Chef' a reality. It was a unique opportunity for 25 children to learn how to bake their own chocolate cookies and muffins from the maestro himself Athula Mudalige, the Head Chef of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf chain.

Athula kicked off the event by describing all the ingredients, weighing and measuring techniques and equipment that were to be used for the day to the children. First in line was a demonstration of how to make chocolate muffins by the chef while the children took down the instructions and the recipe. The children were then formed into four teams and each team was challenged to create their own tray of chocolate muffins and enjoy the moist and scrumptiousness of freshly baked muffins they baked themselves. Moving to the next segment of the day, it was then time for the young bakers to learn how to make chocolate cookies.

Following Athula’s demonstration, our little participants started to create their own cookies with the ingredients provided and were given the chance to ask the head chef any questions or clarifications they wanted. After 15 minutes, the scrumptious trays of cookies were baked and were ready for the consumption of our young bakers. All the young bakers were given recipe notes, aprons and chef hats as souvenirs from the World Chocolate Day celebrations. Bake with our Chef was a fun-filled and informative event for all the kids who took part. Especially for those who were keen on learning to bake at home according to the Coffee Bean’s very own recipe that was taught and shared that day. The event was followed with the screening of the movie ‘Chocolat’.