‘Ahanna’ to strengthen ethnic harmony | Sunday Observer

‘Ahanna’ to strengthen ethnic harmony

The Ministry of Finance and Mass Media and the National Reconciliation Bureau has launched a new programme called ‘AHANNA’ with the objective of strengthening ethnic harmony, reconciliation and mutual trust.

The programme is conducted as a public forum initiated according to a concept by the Secretariat for Coordinating Reconciliation Mechanism.

It specifically aims to create a dialog among people on reconciliation measures undertaken by the Government.

The programme is named after a song (Ahanna) launched parallel to the programme which is sung by Indrachapa Liyanage.

In addition to this stage dramas and video clips are included in these open public forums.

The programme covering two routes, Galle road and Kandy road. The programme which commenced on August eighth from Dehiwala

and Kadawatha is due to end on September 1.