Rugby’s battle ‘Tank’ Ibrahim Hamid honoured by world shooting body | Sunday Observer

Rugby’s battle ‘Tank’ Ibrahim Hamid honoured by world shooting body

Ibrahim Hamid
Ibrahim Hamid

He may not have received all the laurels that he ought to have got in his own country, but Sri Lanka rugby and shooting stalwart Ibrahim Hamid, once nicknamed the Tanker, has been invited by the International Sports Shooting Federation (ISSF) to be its technical officer at the upcoming Asian Games in Indonesia.

Hamid, a retired Senior Superintendent of Police will be the technical officer for pistol and rifle shooting at the Games.

“It is an honour for me and Sri Lanka”, said Hamid.“It is only the very best in the world that are invited by the ISSF to officiate in this position”.

Although he achieved much in the sporting arena, Hamid remained a down-to-earth and unassuming man and is the only Sri Lankan to be honoured this way which is an acknowledgement of him by the international fraternity.

As a shooter in his prime, Hamid was able to draw his pistol and fire two ‘head shots’ in the blinding time of a minute.

He is also a fully qualified and licensed judge of the ISSF and holds an ISSF A licence and the prestigious Electronic Scoring Target (EST) also issued by the ISSF which is the only system approved and used at the Olympic Games.

Hamid is also currently the chairman of the Judges Committee of the National Sports Shooting Federation of Sri Lanka that conducts shooting competitions in the country as well as working towards the improvement of refereeing and judging.

A great respecter of rules and laws, Hamid continues to serve rugby while functioning as Sri Lanka Rugby’s disciplinary committee chairman ensuring that fair-play is what matters most while emphasizing that what some call the “rowdy’s game played by gentlemen” stays that way.

As a rugby prop forward he was branded the ‘Tanker’ while playing for Police for his display of barging through opposing teams and his shooting prowess was so impeccable that former President the late Junius Richard Jayawardena picked him as his personal protector.

Hamid’s two sons Zulki and Zulquarnain played cricket and rugby for Royal College and his daughter’s son Thuliab Hassen is currently representing Sri Lanka at the Asian Youth Rugby Sevens in Hong Kong.