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Packaging industry issues to be highlighted

The 20th edition of Lanka Pack exhibition will be held from September 14-16 at the BMICH Colombo providing a platform to showcase development in packaging and printing technology.

It will focus on learning and networking with a two-day packaging congress and a lineup of world class speakers to highlight industry issues and latest technology innovations apart from new product launches. There will be 150 participants including 50 from India to make the event the biggest in the sector.

The diversity of exhibitor stands will ensure every aspect of the production environment is represented from filling and packaging machinery, processing equipment to printing automated systems.

Latest industry trends will be showcased with presentations and personal experiences on how to increase efficiencies and future proof businesses.

“The exhibition will create awareness regarding cost cutting technology and facing the increasingly challenging environment,” Minister of Industry and Commerce Rishard Bathuideen said. “The packaging industry is going through turbulent times. However, industrialists are investing heavily on modern technology and are confident that there will be a better future for the sector,” he said.

“The National packaging Centre was set up to support the export drive and value addition. Exports became the engine of growth after the liberalisation of the economy in 1977.

Packaging is a vital component of the end product. However, all good qualities of packaging is ignored after its use and the material becomes a hazard to the environment,” former Executive Director National Packaging Centre Kithsiri Wijesundera said.

“Packaging is a value driver in the supply chain. It is supportive for product sale, ensures sustainability, safety and hygiene, enables information and promotion of product, is high-tech and innovative, provides supplier protection and plays the formal role of an ideal logistic partner,” he said.

“Sustainable packaging is integrating environment criteria in the design process of a product and packaging combination. This means that besides the normal criteria such as marketing, functional, economic and technical data, environment is also taken in to account. Switching in to high carbon emission for renewable energy will reduce the carbon foot print,” he said.

“We need to reduce water and resource consumption and contamination of water. We need to have sustainable packaging to ensure effective packaging.

However, under packaging will cause a negative impact on the environment. Sustainable and effective solutions are sought by over 70 percent of consumers globally. Brand owners are increasingly looking for sustainable products. Packaging industry needs to establish sustainable measures in agreement with brand owners and continue to innovate. It is also important that the regulatory framework in the country is changed to incorporate innovative packaging,” he said.