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Demon Dentist

First Prize

Demon Dentist by David Walliams is one of my favourite books. The story is built around a boy named Alfie who hates going to the dentist more than anything in his life. A new dentist comes to the town where Alfie lives after the previous dentist is found dead. This dentist is a suspicious woman named Miss Root. After Miss Root’s arrival in town lots of queer things start to happen.

Little children usually hide their milk teeth which have fallen under a pillow, hoping the tooth fairy will come and take them. But after Miss Root’s arrival the most disgusting things are found under the children’s pillows. Young Alfie finds out who is behind these strange incidents. Is there any relationship between the suspicious Miss Root and these incidents? And was the sudden death of the previous dentist a murder? Join Alfie in this book to solve the case of the Demon Dentist.


Ravini Umeda Perera,

Grade 9,

Ashoka College,