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Actor Hemal Ranasinghe - Brand Promoter, People’s Leasing

Hemal Ranasinghe
Hemal Ranasinghe

People’s Leasing & Finance PLC signed an MoU with film and TV actor Hemal Ranasinghe appointing him as the PLC’s Brand Promoter.

The MoU was signed by actor Hemal Ranasinghe and Sabri Ibrahim, CEO/General Manager, PLC at its head office in Borella.

Ranasinghe will promote PLC’s financial products and services.

CEO/General Manager, PLC Sabri Ibrahim said, “People in Sri Lanka see PLC as a highly reputed and socially responsible finance company. Hemal Ranasinghe too is a personality who has built a solid image in the society and who is loved y the masses of this country. Hence PLC values the services of Hemal Ranasinghe as its Brand Promoter. We believe via his attraction our financial services will be positioned more steadily in people’s minds.”

Ranasinghe said, “This is the very first occasion that I agreed to be the Brand Promoter of a company. The significance is being able to work for a mutual cause with a highly reputed company in Sri Lanka. I

t adds value to my professional life as well. Similarly this responsibility comes as a challenge to me. PLC is already the market leader in the Sri Lankan non-bank finance sector. To add more value to the reputation of this company is a challenge as acting in a first-class film.”