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Credence Genomics launches IVF GScan

Credence Genomics Pvt Ltd recently launched IVF GScan – pre implantation genetic screening for ‘In Vitro Fertilisation’ (IVF). The cutting edge screening technology assists in IVF testing increasing success of conception.

Infertility is a serious medical problem usually caused by smoking, late marriages, menstrual irregularities and chronic illnesses. The success of IVF has been limited till now as the ability to choose the most successful embryos for inception has not been possible till IVF GScan. IVF GScan increases the success rate of IVF by 20 – 30% as the most successful embryos are selected.

L. M. Abayasekera, Manager Lab of Credence Genomics presented the final outcome of IVF using IVF GScan in Sri Lanka at the 51st Annual Scientific Congress of Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists at Sri Lanka Foundation recently. She expressed “Our study data shows a clear increase in the rate of successful IVF implantations by conducting pre-implantation genetic screening using IVF G-scan.”

Dr. Padmapani Padeniya, Fertility and Genetic Expert also a Senior Lecturer of Ragama Medical Faculty said, “IVF GScan is the new frontier of testing aneuploidy in IVF technology. In fact this test provides the selective screening of embryos before being implanted hence the success rate can be enhanced. Further it will directly reduce the incidence of birth defects in Sri Lanka.” Dr. Vaz Gnanam, Chairman/CEO, Credence said, “As we continue to pioneer and develop the latest accurate, tests for the region our commitment to providing the best in health care is represented in our infertility range of GScan products. We believe that this product range will add value to IVF and the general practice of obstetrics and gynecology.”