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Tye Solutions teams up with Pipedrive

Local tech-solutions provider, Tye Solutions has entered into a partnership with international cloud-based sales software company, Pipedrive. Co-founder Tye Solutions, Zahir Fuard said, “Many of us come from a sales background and so we have been looking to combine our expertise in sales with the very latest technological solutions in order to create vastly improved results for our clients.

“Working across several industry verticals, it quickly became apparent that the factor that will determine success in the Sri Lankan business environment is flexibility and adaptability.

“Therefore, we strive to ensure that all of our solutions are tailored towards these values, and Pipedrive is yet another strong example of how the smart implementation of technology at key bottlenecks can completely redefine the performance and culture of an organisation,” he said.

First developed in 2010 by Tallinn - an EU and US-based software company - Pipedrive has since expanded to 170 countries and 16 languages spanning six regions. The platform itself was developed to ensure simplicity in CRM.

Through partners such as Tye Solutions, Pipedrive also provides extensive assistance in integration of its groundbreaking CRM platform – ensuring that any organization of any scale can streamline its sales, automate administration and synchronise its data onto a single cohesive platform.