Muslims celebrate Hajj Festival in Sri Lanka | Sunday Observer

Muslims celebrate Hajj Festival in Sri Lanka

The Muslims in Sri Lanka celebrated the Eid-al-Adha on Wednesday. Eid-al-Adha is the Arabic term for Hajj festival which means ‘Feast of the Sacrifice,’ ‘The Greater Eid’ and ‘Eid e Qurban.’ It is the second religious holiday in the Islamic calendar and is celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

The Hajj Festival is commemorated by the Muslims with a pilgrimage to Mecca, during the Hajj Week. It is said that this is the largest gathering of Muslims in the world every year.

On this festival day Muslims pray and visit the Mosque to listen to sermons.

Family members dress up in new clothes and visit relatives and friends. Giving money to poorer families in the community is also considered a good deed, enabling them to join in the celebrations.