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Destination Sri Lanka – Hotels & Resorts 2018: Promoting tourism through art…

‘Tuk tuk Challenge 2017’ by Connaissance de Ceylan
‘Tuk tuk Challenge 2017’ by Connaissance de Ceylan

…taking great shape – says artist and curator, of this one of a kind exhibition of artwork, Prasad Abu Bakr in an update on the event with the Sunday Observer

Prasad Abu Bakr who is currently busy on his novel project ‘Destination Sri Lanka – Hotels and Resorts 2018’ due to go on show at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery in September, in a report updating the event said that the response he had received regarding the exhibition has been nothing short of making a headway towards success.

The artist who has had many exhibitions in recent times made a breakthrough creating a novel line of images combining his love for painting and photography, creating some stunning results and receiving rave comments from many visitors to his last one-man exhibition held at the Galle Fort during the Galle Literary Festival 2018 in January.

Most hotels and resort owners who have realized the importance of reaching their clientele through novel promotional methods have joined hands with this project, seeing the many possibilities it has. Taking into consideration that patrons and collectors of art are usually from higher echelons of society and having hotels and resorts presented with an artistic approach seem to have an exciting appeal on both the participant and viewer alike.

“It is not only hotel properties alone that I have planned to feature at this exhibition but also of the picturesque destinations and the multi-cultural and religious aspects of Sri Lanka. They all play a vital role in moving forward as a promotional vehicle for Sri Lanka’s tourism,” said the enthusiastic artist, claiming that his work is more tilted towards ‘mixed media’ as there are lots of creative elements involved in the process of his exercise. Prasad’s photographic images play a vital role while he enhances and gives his pictures more three dimensional depth by using various other techniques such as painting, drawing, collage etc.

“Patrons of my pictures are mostly travelers – both local and foreign who claim that they like the pictures mostly for its destination content, as one foreign visitor who bought a picture claimed. She said she would never go to the extent of hanging a photograph of a favourite place she visited in her drawing room “But in this instance the destination has been transformed into an image adding to it the many essence’ of art surrounding the destination,” she claimed.

Prasad claims that comments made by his many admirers prompted him to promote ‘Travel & Tourism’ using his new medium of ‘creative image making’ which he claims is a hundred percent success and as for ‘Destination Sri Lanka – Hotels – Resorts 2018’ the idea has been readily embraced by many hoteliers, mostly who live surrounded by beauty and tasteful décor in their daily living conditions and who are much traveled and seen art at various destinations. “This is one reason why I was influenced towards using hotel photographs as the ‘soul’ of this venture – also because travellers who stay at various hotels in and around Sri Lanka, want to remember those happy memories of a destination as Sri Lanka, which for most of them will be engraved in their minds as ‘Paradise’.