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Positive Living with PD

Positive Living with PD is a secular, non-profit support group, that hopes to break through the stigma that surrounds Parkinson’s Disease (PD), and uplift the quality of life for all people living with PD, their care-givers and their families. Seeing that there was no avenue for people living with PD and their families to share their experiences, gain fresh insights into the latest developments in science and PD, and most importantly, positively influence and impact one another’s lives, we as a family living with PD, decided to start a community of our own.

Fahad Farook, an international Motivational Speaker and Trainer will lead the group in a session on the power of positive thinking, how to stimulate the ‘happiness hormone’ and the art of mastering your thoughts and emotions. - http://www.fahadfarook.com/ We hope to meet once a month, followed by light refreshments and fellowship.

We will rely 100% on donations to cover costs of venue and refreshments, so all donations are welcome!

For more information, please call us on 0777-441420 / 0777-441320, or email us at [email protected]

RSVP either via Facebook, mail or SMS/text if you can attend the meeting.

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