Narendra Mihindukumar, new Serjeant-at -Arms of Parliament | Sunday Observer

Narendra Mihindukumar, new Serjeant-at -Arms of Parliament

Narendra Mihindukumar Fernando has been appointed the new Serjeant-at-Arms of Parliament with effect from August 30, 2018. His appointment follows the retirement of former Serjeant-at-Arms Anil Parakrama Samarasekara.

During his 36 years Parliamentary service, Fernando has served 16 years in the Department of the Serjeant-at-Arms. In addition, he has also served in various capacities in the Administration, Legislative Services, Finance and Supplies Departments and Foreign Relations and Protocol Office. He was the Assistant Director (Administration) at the time of his appointment to the post of Assistant Serjeant-at-Arms on 01-01-2002. Later he was promoted to the post of Deputy Serjeant-at-Arms on 22-03-2006.

Fernando has also acted in the post of Serjeant-at-Arms twice from July 25, 2015 to August 22, 2015 and July 24, 2017 to August 27, 2017.

Fernando received his education at Isipathana College, Colombo. He also holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management, India; Attachment Training Programs in the House of Commons, UK; the House of Representatives and the Senate, Australia; State Legislature of New South Wales, Australia and Lok Sabha, India.