‘Chartered Accountants must evolve and thrive in today’s context’ | Sunday Observer

‘Chartered Accountants must evolve and thrive in today’s context’

One of the biggest annual business summits of the country, the National Conference of Chartered Accountants organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka), will take centre stage in inspiring Chartered Accountants to take that all important leap which will help them evolve and thrive despite increasing business world complexities.

The technological revolution has brought in monumental changes to the professional community including the accounting profession, President of CA Sri Lanka Jagath Perera said at a press conference in Colombo last week.

“The challenges and complexities we face as a profession, has renewed the need for us as professionals to adapt to new trends, technologies and methodologies, if we are to remain relevant as a group of specialised professionals. This is why CA Sri Lanka has been spearheading various initiatives to ensure members are not just qualified, but are also given a platform to evolve and thrive in today’s context,” he said.

The 39th National Conference which will revolve around the theme ‘Hyperleap’ will help Chartered Accountants understand the need to embrace challenges, ensuring that they take a bold leap without being shackled by technological, demographic and economic changes. The conference which will be held from 08th to 10th October 2018 at the BMICH, will focus upon increasing technological disruption, future HR challenges and changes to the global economy, whilst emphasising the important role accountants have played in the past in propelling businesses to the top and the important role they can continue to play to be relevant.

“Chartered Accountants have always played a pivotal role in the private and public sector in propelling economic development. They are equipped to contribute immensely in boardrooms with the ability to steer strategic decision making. This is why our Chartered Accountants have a far greater responsibility lying on their shoulders in driving their businesses. We have to be in the forefront to ensure that our members change with time and embrace the challenges to ensure they continue to be relevant and will continuously add value to their company and their country,” Chairman of the National Conference Committee Dulitha Perera said.

“With challenges and complexities being part and parcel of the business world, Chartered Accountants must progress to become visionary thinkers by having the foresight to see what the future holds and therefore adapt and evolve to take on new challenges boldly by acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge and harness potential to move the businesses forward.

The National Conference is therefore the perfect platform to enhance mind development, because it focuses on very pertinent areas relevant to Chartered Accountants which in turn help them acquire new knowledge” he said.

Chairman of the National Conference Technical Committee, Moiz Rehmanjee said that the committee decided on ‘Hyperleap’ because it has become important to ensure that the members of the profession are not subdued from challenges they face, but instead are enabled to spin them into opportunities.

“As professionals, we must boldly go forward, and not be shackled by the ever changing technologies and demographics. Therefore, it is necessary to upscale our competencies and skills to go with the wave of change,” he said.

Due to the disruptions of traditional business models and the advent of digitization, among other changes spanning HR and the economy, Chartered Accountants are well placed in organisations to equip themselves with skills and experience to move ahead into the future,” he said.