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Well&Able introduces futuristic construction technology

Well&Able Lanka (Private) Limited in association with a Singapore – Sri Lanka business partnership, introduced a futuristic construction technology to the construction industry in Colombo last week.

The building system which is environment friendly, cost effective, less time consuming, highly profitable and of high quality will ensure Sri Lanka’s construction industry makes a dramatic change from its present course of direction.

“Pre-fabricated, lightweight building systems, the game changer, will soon take over the country’s construction sector from gloom to boom and bring about a welcome change for the country’s builders. I have been researching extensively for the past couple of years on how this system could be of advantage to us and am convinced that the technology opens a myriad of opportunities and is the best for us. I built my corporate head office using this sophisticated technology that is well ahead of its time,” Managing Director, Salasi Lanka (Private) Limited U. A. Padukka said.

The new technology will save building cost to the tune of 20 to 30 percent and supports energy saving efforts. Though this is new to Sri Lanka, advanced countries use this method in building and it is the way forward for our construction industry, he said. “I am so happy to work with a Sri Lankan company in pursuance of business to bring about vast benefits to Sri Lanka’s construction sector. We recently opened a new branch in Shanghai, China to introduce new products and technologies.” Founder Managing Director of Well&Able International (Private) Limited, Raymond Wong said. The company plans to set up a material manufacturing plant soon to source material necessary for construction.

This technology will also support the green building initiative that the government is encouraging.

Salasi Lanka (Private) Limited, is the winner of the prestigious National Construction Excellence Award 2017 conferred by the Construction Industry Development Authority of Sri Lanka. Since 2000 it is making a name for its construction prowess and Singapore’s Well&Able International (Private) Limited with worldwide recognition of more than 25 years for its construction fineness, set up Well&Able Lanka (Private) Limited, as a joint venture and signed the Memorandum of Understanding last week in Colombo. Raymond Wong, Founder and Managing Director of Well&Able International (Private) Limited and U. A. Padukka, Managing Director of Salasi Lanka (Private) Limited, placed their respective signatures in the Memorandum of Understanding.