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Second Prize

Madol Doova

Madol Doova is a novel written by Martin Wickramasinghe. It is very popular in Sri Lanka. It is a very interesting book and it is written in simple language. The main character is Upali Giniwella who lost his mother when he was seven years old and he is in the care of his stepmother. His best friend is Ginna and they get into a lot of mischief in the village. Upali’s father punishes them and later Upali and Ginna run away from home and go to Madol Doova which is a dense forest that they culitivate and live there. Later Upali’s father dies and he looks after his stepmother and stepbrother. Upali is an independent and good leader who likes heroism and adventure. Although he is mischievous at first he learns to be responsible. Madol Doova is a novel about courage and responsibility and we should all read this book.


Rovinu Jayasundara,

Grade 6,

Maliyadeva Model School,