Nicholas | Sunday Observer


First Prize

We have all heard about Rene Goscinny, the author of the well known Asterix books. His books are full of humour and curiosity, and this author has written many other comics and books. Out of all these books, I like the book series Nicholas.

Nicholas is a French schoolboy, who, like students usually do, spends his school life with his group of friends. These friends always get into trouble doing something naughty, but they face the consequences together. Nicholas, with his friends Matthew, Alec, Cuthbert, Rufus, and the rest, play jokes and have fun which amuses the reader. They go fishing for tadpoles, visit an art gallery and go to magic shows, but things never go quite according to their plans.

This series featuring the much loved French schoolboy and his friends has already charmed millions of readers worldwide.


Lihini Wijesekara,

Grade 8,

Lyceum International School,