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A cleaner city…

‘NO KUNU’ an organization dedicated to ‘help Sri Lanka become the cleanest country in Asia,’ cleaned the ‘Wellawatte Canal’ from Wellawatte to Pamankada up to Thalakotuwa Gardens recently. The Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), Urban Development Authority (UDA), Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLRDC), the SL Navy, Ports Authority and the Police supported the effort along with volunteers from the community and those in and around Colombo.

With the vision of ‘change for the better, one city at a time’ this is the second campaign by NO KUNU in and around Colombo. Moving from city to village; to beach, to forest and farm, from house to house and shop to shop and company by company developing conducive atmosphere, attitudes and practices of cleanliness is their mission.

This is what we captured at the campaign.

– (VF)