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Master Khemadasa 10th Memorial Concert

A legacy in his own time. A maestro who had never followed formal tutoring on the subject he mastered. Self made, may be the correct word to describe him.

As Maestro Premasiri Khamadasa’s 10th death anniversary draws near, ‘Obamer Maada Viya’ a memorial concert will be held in his honour at the BMICH on October 23 at 7.30 p.m.

It would be correct to say that Kala keerthi Dr. Premasiri Khemadasa or Khemadasa Master, as he was fondly known – was the most influential composer of the contemporary Sri Lankan music. Influenced by Buddhist philosophy and culture from an early age, none other than the Master would compose possibly the world’s only Buddhist Cantata, Pirinivan Mangalaya. Known for introduction of opera to the local music lovers, he composed the first ever Sinhala operas Manasawila, Doramandalawa and Sondura Varnadasi. His experimental and explorative symphonic works included Sinhala New Year and Mother of my Time. He was instrumental in Sinhala cinematic music turning a new chapter. His experiments in the wider world of music, adapting varied streams to fit the exact mood of contemporary music compositions was a feat in itself which gained him much fame and a great number of fans.

Master who learned music on his own, was benevolent in disseminating his knowledge. In 1993, he established a foundation and trained Sri Lankan youths for free until his death in 2008. And now, the Khemadasa Foundation has come forward to pay tribute to its founder. Together with Kites Ads & Idea they would present a collection of his music including his works for films, tele-dramas, stage plays along with his operas as a concert – Obamer Maada Viya.

An orchestra of 25 instrumentalists will be accompanied by vocalists Amal Perera, Mihindu Ariyarathne, Pradeepa Dharmadasa, Indika Upamali, Lesley Fernando and Sandya Bulathsinghala at the concert along with the students of the Khemadasa Foundation. Khemadasa Foundation Director Gayathri Khemadasa would serve as the Music Director of the concert.

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