Magistrate puts gag order on Mannar mass graves forensics team | Sunday Observer

Magistrate puts gag order on Mannar mass graves forensics team

T. Saravanaraj, the new Magistrate of Mannar has banned the specialist team in Mannar Mass grave sites from exposing information to the media with regard to the excavations. According this sudden ban, the media will only be able to obtain information of Mannar excavations through the Registrar of the Mannar Magistrate court.

“Now excavation and investigation officers cannot provide information and statements to the media. This order came in to effect avoiding possible issues that could arise if we provide certain statements. Therefore in future the media can obtain news only by the Mannar Magistrate Court” Saminda Rajapaksha, the judiciary medical specialist at Mannar General Hospital and Chief Investigation Officer of Mannar Mass grave sites told the Sunday Observer.

According to him, MannaraMagistrate is visiting the excavation site everyday and officers on duty have to deliver a report each day. That report will be handed over to the Registrar of the courts by the Magistrate and the media will be able to receive information through that report through the registrar.

The previous Mannar Magistrate had banned media, even entering to the excavation site.

Skeletal were unearthed near the old CWE building during reconstructions of the site spiked an investigation into the matter. The investigating team by now had unearthed over 140 skeletal.

It was also decided that the samples of unearthed bones will be sent to the Florida for carbon dating.