Majority of JO will support 20th Amendment - JVP | Sunday Observer

Majority of JO will support 20th Amendment - JVP

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) says it is confident that majority of the Joint Opposition (JO) will support the 20th Amendment to the constitution which seeks to abolish the Executive Presidency despite JO MP Udaya Gammanpila challenging the Draft Bill before the Supreme Court this week. JVP MP Bimal Rathnayake said the party is unfazed by Gammanpila’s actions as he is a mere political slave and is an insignificant member of the JO.

“Slaves cannot do without a leader,” he said adding that Gammanpila is unable to rid himself of this mentality.

Ratnayake also pointed out that according to Parliamentary process on constitutional amendments, the Speaker is required to refer the Draft to the Supreme Court to ensure its consistency with the existing Constitution.

“Either way it would have been presented before the Supreme Court,” he said adding that Gammanpila is merely trying to attract media attention.

According to Ratnayake the 20A is supported by a majority of the country’s citizens including political parties.

“Only a small group in the JO are against it and none of them belong to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party or the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna,” he said. Ratnayake says over 50 JO leading members have shown interest in the proposed amendment having requested the Draft one month ago while also going on to present their suggestions and proposals regarding it thereafter individually.

With Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa also expressing his support for the abolishment of the Executive Presidency, Ratnayake said the JVP is confident it can gain the full support of the JO.

The JVP announced this week that it will now commence official discussions with political parties to gain their support for the cause.