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Munchee National Volleyball

The National Volleyball Championship 2018 for the Munchee Trophy organized by the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation is set to be staged in two stages as Super League and Novices for men and women.

The first stage the for Novices will be played on a League basis at district level commencing on October 1. For this district stage teams from Clubs, Schools, Youth Clubs and Institutes are eligible to forward their entries. Winning district team and the runner up team qualify to play in the national championship making it a battle between 50 men’s and 50 women’s teams.

The teams to play in the Super League are Men’s Group: Ports Authority, Air Force, Police, Navy, Ceylon Electricity Board, Army, National Youth Services Council, MAS Leisure Line

Women: Air Force, Navy, Ports Authority, MAS Casual Line, Army, National Youth Council.(BP)