Building global brands : Political issues, policy changes can be overcome, says entrepreneur | Sunday Observer

Building global brands : Political issues, policy changes can be overcome, says entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, Shalin Balasuriya says, if there is a will, any business can be developed into a successful model, despite changing policy and political issues.

Shalin Balasuriya, Director and Co-Founder, Spa Ceylon - Luxury Ayurveda Spa attributed the success of their business to ‘diversification and branding’.

He told the Chamber’s Economic Summit on Thursday that his company, Spa Ceylon was launched as an SME focussing on creating a brand name and developing a product line that could compete with similar products in the global market.

“Despite policy changes we continued our journey until we reached our foremost goal,” he told the Forum on ‘Turnaround; Shifting Gear from Slow to Fast Track’.

“I think, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs should come forward and make an effort to build brands, especially brands which can go global. We did that despite policy and political changes happening in the country over the past several years. I would advise anyone looking to get into a business to look at successful global brands, what kind of products are constantly moving and then incubate the idea to go global.”

Balasuriya told the Sunday Observer on the sidelines of the forum, the company is using local research and development and continues to introduce new spa and beauty products as part of their success strategy.

Talking about their market segment, he said, the demand is increasing in local and foreign markets.

Founded in May 2009, by brothers Shiwantha Dias and Shalin Balasuriya, ‘Spa Ceylon’ has fast become a dynamic force in the global luxury wellness sector and has taken its luxury ayurveda brand to the world, with a global presence of branded stores and spas in Ginza Tokyo and Fukuoka - Japan, Melbourne – Australia, Singapore, Seoul and Ulsan - Korea, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, Istanbul – Turkey, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad – India, Karachi – Pakistan and across Sri Lanka. Spa Ceylon also operates in Kiev – Ukraine, Nicosia – Cypress, the Maldives and most recently in the United States of America.

Spa Ceylon, a luxury ayurveda chain, clinched four awards at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2018 annual gala in Belfast, Ireland.

Spa Ceylon plans to add several more locations including a new Australian flagship Royal Spa and store in Melbourne and, a new Malaysian flagship Royal Spa and Store in Kuala Lumpur.