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First Prize : Alex Rider: Snakehead

The Alex Rider series is written by the British author Anthony Horowitz. After its first launch, the Alex Rider series has become a global phenomenon, setting the standard for a whole new genre of spy and action novels and inspiring thousands of readers. The series was first started in 2000, the Snakehead book being first published in 2007 by Walker Books.

In the Alex Rider: Snakehead book, the main character Alex Rider goes on a mission in the criminal underworld of South-East Asia, among the ruthless criminal organization Snakehead, fighting against an old enemy called Major Winston Yu, who is planning to destabilize and destroy half the world.

I like this book because it shows us that no matter what our differences are, we are still capable of doing something extraordinary, if our hearts and minds are set to it.

Anushan Jayasinghe, Grade 9, Trinity College, Kandy.