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Waste management

Certain problems have erupted nowadays due to our blunder of not managing waste properly. Accordingly a system has been introduced by the Municipal Councils to divide our waste. For example, you can put food waste into a certain dustbin, while putting polythene and plastic into two other bins. If you manage your waste properly it can be dispatched successfully out of your homes by the garbage collectors. It would certainly save a lot of trouble and would protect the environment.

Even though, it would cost a little more time to dispose your garbage accordingly, it would certainly be worth it. Nowadays people are in a real hurry and they don’t think of the environment much. They seem to care less for it, and the connection between man and nature has been destroyed.

Creating a successful waste management system is easier said than done. It requires great leadership, a strong bond between man and nature and team work to name a few. It also requires proper organisation. Environmental clubs or nature clubs can make themselves useful in this matter. They can take a step further and organize a fund that would help them buy proper garbage bins for various substances (glass, food waste, paper, polythene and plastic). They can place them near cafeterias and all places where there is garbage.

We need to pay attention to our surroundings and environment and need to work hard to protect it. Every little effort helps! So let us manage our waste properly and mark it as a goal to help our environment. Mark it as your own responsibility! Remember, every little effort helps!

Imeth de Silva, Grade 10, S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia.