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Nobody Has It All

As I began life I thought I can have it all
I looked at friends and foes
Who appeared to have got it all
Soon I found out they too, like me
Lead a life of compromise and pretense
Slowly it started to dawn
I have to settle for good enough
As my best option, but identify
How much would be good enough
For me to lead a life of satisfaction!
Darling, nobody has it all
May be it is not possible after all!

Timothy A. Edward

Fourth generation

Most of the members
of this generation
almost everywhere
a common behaviour on display;
Sweeping the screen
of the device on hand
their fingers running on it.
The ‘ touch ‘ obeying them
provide their choices
within a second.
They laugh, smile, chat.....
with their choices far away
while being dumb, deaf and blind
to the ones nearest!

A. Jayalath Basnagoda


Day turns into night and night into day
The days roll on, the diurnal course
And the emptiness grows.
Your absence has left an indescribable void
That cannot be fathomed.
Missing the quiet companionship in retirement
That enveloped us.
Mere presence sufficing.
Now that you've gone
On that inevitable journey of no return
What could I say?
Save echo the words of the poet:
“You had grown so familiar as my hand
That I cannot with simple grief
Assuage dismemberment”
And breathe the prayer divinely taught
“Thy will be done”,

-Jeanette Cabral