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JICA supports solid waste management in Kataragama

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) completed a pilot project to improve the Galapitagalayaya landfill site which is the final disposal site and the compost plant for the intermediate treatment of solid waste collected in the urban centers in the Kataragama Pradeshiya Sabha area.

The improvement works include the construction of waste discharge cell with bottom liner system using locally available clay, a drainage system, and a leachate treatment system.

The improved landfill site will minimize the adverse environmental impact from wastes disposal, such as preventing contamination of leachate to ground water.

The landfill site and compost plant are managed by Kataragama Pradesiya Sabha with the support of Uva Provincial Council and Central Environmental Authority (CEA).Monaragala District Member of Parliament Vijitha Berugoda, three PS chairmen from Babila, Buttala, Wellawaya, Eng. J.M.U. Indrarathna, Deputy Director General, Waste Management, CEA, Commissioner of Local Government and JICA Representative, Ms. Moe Negishi, attended the handing over ceremony at the Galapitagalayaya Semi Engineered Landfill Site.

The JICA expert team will transfer the knowledge and skills for proper maintenance of the landfill site by measuring wastes, keeping records, and guiding waste collection vehicles for proper and efficient disposal of waste.

There are also numerous project activities to follow, such as the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) awareness raising, improvement of collection system and efficiency using GPS tracking data and proper discharge and collection methods, and composting of separated organic wastes from hotels and restaurants in Kataragama Pradesiya Sabha area. These activities were identified by the officials of Uva Province, CEA and related counterparts to be further enhanced and improve solid waste management of all the local authorities in Sri Lanka in the future.

Dr. Sato, a member of the JICA expert team, said that the success of the improvement works was led by the invaluable work and coordination of Uva Province, CEA and Kataragama Pradesiya Sabhathat, and for its sustainable operation, it would require continuous and strong commitment of local authorities and support from CEA.

The project slogan of ‘Clean Tomorrow for the City of God Skanda’ is the fundamental strategy of the solid waste management of the Kataragama Pradesiya Sabha.

The JICA project continues to support the way to ‘Clean Tomorrow for the City of God Skanda’ in the Kataragama PS area, by working closely with the people, community and all stakeholders involved.