Powitt Solar Lanka introduces INE solar panels | Sunday Observer

Powitt Solar Lanka introduces INE solar panels

The Sri Lankan solar industry will gain access to technologically advanced solar panels, with photovoltaic product manufacturer Infinity New Energy’s (INE) entry to Sri Lanka.

Powitt Solar Lanka, the local trading subsidiary of INE is the supplier and after sales service provider for INE solar panels in the country.

The photovoltaic module is produced under globally accepted European Standards, and are in high demand for residential, commercial and industry-scale solar systems across the world. With offices and warehouses located in Australia and the Netherlands to meet the growing demand, INE solar panels are sold in many other countries including the USA, South Africa, Spain, France and Italy, and now, Sri Lanka, a spokesman for the company said.

The panel is composed of some of the fastest growing energy technologies in the world, and is equipped with the modern Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology for higher efficiency. Inherent properties such as high weather resistance and low permeability make INE solar panels the benchmark of future-ready solar solutions.

INE has a 1GW solar panel production capacity from Wuxi and Chenzhou production bases in China, and has proposed a 200MW capacity production facility in Sri Lanka. The fast progressing company draws from 10 years of manufacturing experience in the rapidly evolving global solar industry.

Powitt Solar Lanka and INE are extending investments in commercial and utility projects across the island, adding to the investments of USD 500 million carried out by INE on a global scale to date.