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Something daring

Escape the Room in 60 minutes or less. Teams can be as small as two people or as large as six

Ever seen TV shows where teams get locked in a room and have to solve puzzles to get out? Have you ever wished to participate in something like that? If the answer is “yes”, then Escape the Room is where you should be.

Escape the room is the perfect experience to have with your colleagues, family or friends. The concept itself has never been seen before in Sri Lanka. Located on top of Café Noir Blanc, Escape the room offers limitless amounts of fun as well as a great workout for the brain.

Shireen Akbarally, the Managing Director of Escape the Room SL, decided to open up Escape the Room after finding it difficult to find entertainment options for her and her friends to do, after returning to Colombo. Akbarally was inspired by the countless escape rooms that she used to go to during her time studying in Melbourne, after seeing a gap in the market, she later decided to capitalize on it and so Escape the room was opened.

The main objective? Escape the Room in 60 minutes or less. Teams can be as small as two people or as large as six. However, Akbarally, herself recommends that teams be between four to five people. That way you have just enough brain power to solve the carefully curated puzzles so that you can escape. The best times go up in the Escape the Room Hall of Fame. You can also try to beat previous scores set by other teams, and if you have already completed all three rooms, try beating your own high scores.

The overall experience proved to be a great workout for the brain, and also proved how well you worked with your friends, if there were ever a situation in real life where you had to solve a massive puzzle to escape the room. Currently, there are three rooms available, each based on a different theme with different missions. Most Wanted – Dead or Alive is based off the Wild West in which you and your team become bandits and must find the Sheriff’s pistol before he returns to the station. Shipwrecked consists of finding hidden treasures within an old and abandoned shipwreck. The most recent room to be opened is the Iron Throne and is arguably the most difficult of the three, as you must escape the dungeons of an enemy castle. All three rooms offer the same amount of fun and excitement, but with varying levels of difficulty.

The rooms themselves, are well designed and the atmosphere inside feels realistic. The puzzles itself have been carefully crafted, with a lot of thought and creativity having gone into it. In addition, their impeccable attention to detail will not go unnoticed when you are in the room trying to find a way to Escape the Room. After escaping, you get treated to a fun little photoshoot of a couple of pictures, in which you can use signs to pose with. The pictures later get uploaded on to their Facebook page.

Without a doubt, I will be going back to try out the other rooms, and maybe even try to beat my previous score. Escape the Room is not something that should be missed, so book a time on their website and mark your calendar. You do not want to miss out!