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Sri Lanka stirring up Treble

The “Spasskaya Tower” is an international military music and military tattoo festival held annually at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia. The event was held in the last week of August for the eleventh consecutive year with 15 countries, including Sri Lanka, taking part. The festival include Military tattoo parades, dance shows, orchestral music, equestrian shows and majestic fireworks that spanned across the festival week. It is estimated that around 1500 musicians, military personnel and various other artistes perform for the festival. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital have attended these flamboyant Spasskaya Tower events, not only making it one of the most looked forward-to events during the end of the Summer but also making it one of the greatest international projects in Russia.

The Military bands

Vibrant military tattoos were performed by Britain, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico, Myanmar, Oman and Sri Lanka.

There were also performances by 12 Russian military bands from different regiments and Honor guards.

Apart from the events happening at the iconic landmark, the Red Square, the military bands of Myanmar, Oman, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and the international Celtic drum and pipes band performed for the public at Railway stations sporadically throughout the festival week.

The Sri Lankan Military Band

For the first time in history, the Sri Lankan military band, headed by Captain Chandana Amarasinghe, took part in the main program of the Spasskaya Tower Military Tattoo. The Sri Lankan Military Band comprises the Sri Lanka Army Band, Navy Band and the Air Force Band. According to the website, the Sri Lankan Military Band happens to be one of the most acclaimed bands in the South Asia region.

Equestrian shows

There were equestrian shows performed by the Cordoba Equestrian Association of Spain, the Kremlin Equestrian School of Russia and the Honor Cavalry Escort of the Presidential Regiment. More than 20 horse shows were planned to take place during the festival with over 40 horses and 50 horseback riders showcasing their talents at the shows. There were a variety of performances ranging from acrobatic tricks while handling various types of Cossack weapons to beautiful Andalusian horses serenading to Flamenco music.

The International Celtic Massed Pipes and Drums

Headed by Pipe Major David Johnston, the Celtic Pipes and Drums is a union of musicians from various countries brought together by the mutual interest in Celtic culture.

The band was founded in 2016, specifically for performing at the Spasskaya Tower Festival.

The International Irish Dance Team

Irish dancers and musicians from Russia, Germany, Slovakia and the Czech Republic came together to perform at the Spasskaya Tower Festival. Their performance, “Claddagh Dreams” was specially arranged for the festival.

Final show

All participants of the Eleventh Spasskaya Tower Festival performed by forming a combined band at the final part of the show.

The public had the opportunity to vote for the best ensembles of the year among the Russian and foreign participants.

Following the voting, the Audience Choice award was given to the Band of the Lieutenant General Valery Khalilov Moscow Military Music College together with the Boarding school for Girls of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian federation and the Crescendo Bicycle Showband from the Netherlands.