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‘Beautiful Galle – Our Abode’ – 2018

30 September, 2018

Many people both young and old flocked into the Galle Sports Stadium recently to view the beautiful and attractive ballpoint pen paintings of Artist Mangala Madanayaka. He is a well known ballpoint pen artist and a President’s Award winner who needs no introduction. This was his 26th Solo coloured ballpoint pen art exhibition titled “Beautiful Galle – Our Abode.” Speaking to the Sunday Observer, Madanayake says that this exhibition was held in celebration of the month of literature.

“I organized this exhibition also to celebrate the past 25 years of my experience and achievement in the field of Arts. Today the art of ballpoint pen paintings has gained popularity not only in Sri Lanka but also in other parts of the world and I am happy about it,” he says with a smile.

“When I started this method of Art in 1985, there were only four colours of ballpoint pens. After the introduction of the ballpoint pen art, the pen manufacturers started manufacturing ballpoint pens in many different colours which helped me to make my paintings more realistic and colourful. Different colours of ballpoint pens has not only benefitted the artists but also the school children. Usually when students come to see my exhibition, they bring their own creations done with ballpoint pens which are another reason for me to be happy,” says Madanayake.

He says that since he started this method of art, he has been using nearly 10,000 pens for his drawings.” I titled my exhibition as ‘Beautiful Galle – Our Abode’ as I am from Galle, the city where I was brought up and I wanted to show the world the beauty of my city. Paintings of buildings inside Galle Fort from the Portuguese, Dutch and British period were showcased at the exhibition. Some beautiful surrounding areas in Galle and also a painting of my school Richmond College, Galle was also exhibited among many other colourful ballpoint pen drawings,” he added.

Madanayaka believes that his own in born talent of drawing inspired him to become an artist. “Paintings make me feel calm and it is also like meditating as it gives peace to mind. I learn a lot of patience too through painting. Being an artist by profession, I would like to give a message to the world and that is “One should never underestimate a child who can draw. Drawing helps a child to express him or herself. A child who has a talent to draw will always turn out to be a lover of nature. A person full of love, care and understanding and he or she will be a good citizen to the world,” he said.

If anyone is interested in getting a piece of ballpoint pen Art done or any students of Art needs consultation contact Artist Mangala Madanayaka on 0775104980 or 361/24, Regal Park, Hirimbura Road, Dangedara, Galle.