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Review: The Theory of everything

The Theory of everything

by Wijeratne Weerakkody
by Kalakeerthi Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa

A dedicated scholar of Buddhism, Wijeratne Weerakkody, has produced a brief formula, surprisingly titled, ‘The Theory of Everything’ stating a discovery made by him about the core concept of Buddhism.

The brief paper, produced both in Sinhala and English, spells out the five elements, space, life, university and energies, both physical and non-physical, as the central components of existence. The purpose of the producer of this note is to provide an easily understood perspective on nature. The producer of this paper Wijeratne Weerakkody, says, that ‘Understanding the whole nature in its right perspective, will relieve the human mind, from blind belief.

The formulation of this theory is based on the researches he has conducted assiduously over several decades. This introductory paper is a mere note on the studies he is continuing.

He has conducted studies about Black Holes as well. In this brief paper he has made a few references to the effect of Black Holes, on various areas of the universe. We have to be grateful to this writer for his effort to make people think about unknown aspects of nature.